• Toughened glass
  • 4mm thick extra strong pan support
  • Forged brass burners for better efficiency
  • Collared mixing tube for better durability
  • Rich stainless steel body
  • Metal knobs for extra durability
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning (for Non-auto Models)
  • Available in: Non-auto
  • Available in: Multi spark Pulse Auto( fully Auto)


Product Description

First & only company to have fully Automatic (integrated) gas stoves in India.
Why buy Semi-Automatic? When you have an option of fully automatic!
Say ‘NO’ to semi-automatic!
Jyoti was the first company to bring integrated battery operated auto ignition system (built-in auto ignition in the gas button itself) in glass cooktops. This kind of auto ignition was earlier seen in built-in hobs only, but this visionary move by Jyoti made it possible to use the same system of high-end auto ignition in your simple budgeted gas stoves/cook tops. IN this kind of integrated (one touch) auto system there is no need of a side button for sparking, the sparking happens when you turn ON the gas button itself. Making it a once touch auto ignition (in other semi automatic (older) type of auto ignition you need to turn ON the gas button and then press a separate button for auto ignition sparking, hence making it a two step process). This unique one touch multi spark auto ignition also helps to save our precious gas, as it ignites instantaneously. This extraordinary innovation by Jyoti saves Indian housewives precious time and also makes cooking a pleasure.