OXY 2062-60 BF

Cooker Hoods

  • 3D Decorative hoods

    3D Decorative hoods (7)

  • Auto Clean Hoods

    Auto Clean Hoods (4)

    Heat Auto Clean Technology Hoods (chimneys)  Oxygen also gives you an option of latest Generation Auto Clean with Introduction of 'Heat Auto Clean' Technology . This even eliminates the need of pouring soap water which was necessary for cleaning in earlier versions of Auto Clean. Latest 'Heat Auto Clean' works on the concept of heating the metallic housing with help of a thin but powerful Coil to liquefy the oil molecules, which is then collected through a pipe in a container fixed below the chimney. You just need to clean the small container once in a while. That's it. Does cleaning chimneys get easier than this ?
  • Black Steel Hoods

    Black Steel Hoods (12)

    Black Steel Cooker Hoods (chimneys) Credits for India’s First State of Art – Black Steel Cooker Hoods (chimneys) also goes to Oxygen. Earlier the Black finish chimneys in India used to be made after power coating on Iron. However, it had its limitations in form of rust and peeling off of the coating. But, with the Introduction of Black Steel these shortcomings are taken care of, In addition to this Black Steel gives magnificent Mirror Finish /Gloss look to the chimney.
  • Decorative Hoods (14)

  • Hi-end & Island Hoods

    Hi-end & Island Hoods (7)

    A Glass apart! A touch of automation for an advanced you. There is no need to pull or push, just one touch enough to bring this Italian designed piece of art into action. The elegant and neat look matches its superior performance. The automatic hydraulic shutters open upon a touch to bring the chimney into operation and close to make it look neat when the fumes are out.
  • Traditional Hoods (3)

    Use of Pure Non magnetic Stainless Steel Oxygen is the First and the Only Indian Company to use Pure Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel in majority of its models. This is a big revolutionary step in the Indian Cooker hoods (chimney) history. Use of Pure steel makes Oxygen Chimneys more durable and Rust Free as compared to others.


  • Carbon Filters (optional)
    When the chimney is installed in re - circulation mode the carbon filters absorb cooking smell and odour and the clean air is re-circulated  into the kitchen.
  • Feel the Touch
    This state of art touch control system allows you to have smooth slide between different levels of speeds for extraction. Touch control makes cleaning easy and helps you to have a pleasurable experience by getting the real feel of your hood