Black Digital

Atta Makers

I-sensor Technology
No On-Off Switch, No Functions button!-Fully automatic.
This state of the art I-sensor technology senses and feels the hardness of the grain and sets RPM (Rotation per minutes) accordingly. So whatever grain you put, the speed for it is set automatically without pushing any button.
The unique feeder device allows grain to flow slowly and as per grinding chambers need. This allows systematic and timely flow of grains to avoid unnecessary saturation (overflow) of grains in the grinding chamber.

Silicon stamping motor
A normal motor will consume 1HP=1unit electricity. With this energy saving motors the cost is cut by one fourth, 1HP=0.75units. Save money, save energy, save environment!

Stainless steel grinding chamber, blades and bowl stand
Higher models come with purity of stainless steel in the grinding chamber area. Strong and robust SS chamber disallows flour from sticking to the chamber and blades thus making cleaning an easy thing. It also facilitates better and fine grinding.
SS bowl stand makes the atta maker extra durable to sustain heavy weight and vibrations.

  • ISO Certified

  • Autoclean

  • Grinding Chamber

  • Sensor Technology

  • Operates in high & low voltage

  • Motorised Feeding System

  • Child Safety

  • Indoor LED Light

  • Power Saver Motor

  • Smart Modular Cabinet